6 Submissions

Princesa Pirata is always looking for new things! If you make a zine or something else you think I might want to stock, please let me know.

Stuff that interest me: perzines, autobiographical small-press comix, mental health zines, queer zines, D.I.Y. guides on how-to-do-this-that-or-the-other, travel zines, straight edge/queer edge zines, transgender zines, anarcha feminist material, gardening zines, vegan cooking/raw food zines, zines to do with cycling and fixing bicycles, postcards, patches or stickers with fore mentioned themes…

Email me at piratadistro (at) gmail.com with a description of what you’ve made (tittle, what the zine is about, size and number of pages, or other description if it’s not a zine you’re offering), distro price (wholesale price) and retail price. And if I’m interested, I’ll let you know an address where you can send me a sample and I’ll decide if I want to distro it at Princesa Pirata.