2 Zines


10,5 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inch), weight: 35g, FREE!

10 Things is a collective zine project. This is how it works: you get a booklet with a specific title and make a list of 10 things under that topic on a page in the booklet. Titles include: 10 Things That Make Me Happy, 10 Things I Want To Learn, 10 Things I Dream Of, 10 Things I Don’t Want To Forget, 10 Things That Make Me Smile, 10 Things I Want to Let Go, 10 Of My Favourite Things, 10 Things That Make Me Feel Better, 10 Things I Hope For and 10 Things I Love About Myself. After you’ve made your list, you give the booklet to a friend, they give it to a friend and so on. The full booklets will be put together into little zines by A-K Pirata.

DORIS #15 – D.I.Y. anti-depression guide

17 x20,5 cm (6,6 x 8 inch), 26 pages, weight: 55g, £1,50  (1,80 €)

The 15th issue of Doris zine by Cindy is a collection of anti-depression tips in the form of little comix. Very important stuff in an easily approachable form.

Have a look here too:www.dorisdorisdoris.com

DRIFTING CLOUDS – writings on consent

A5, 64 pages, weight 90g, £2 (2.40 €)

A new compilation zine on consent.

An on-line PDF copy of the zine can be found here:

FREE WOMEN OF SPAIN  out of stock 😦

A5, 16 pages, weight: 30g,  £1,50  (1,80 €)

A short history/herstory of Mujeres LIbres from how everything began and what they believed in to what was the reaction of the anarchist movement.

GET A GRIP – Travels through my mental health.

A5, 40 pages, weight: 70g, £2 (2.40 €)

A mental health perzine by Sarah Tea-Rex. The zine is written from a queer feminist perspective while travelling in Aotearoa/New Zealand and includes topics like consensual sex, social awkwardness and radical communities.

An on-line PDF copy of the zine can be found here:


A6, 14 pages, weight 10g, £0,50  (0,60 €)

A little zine by Tiitu about making zines, including practical info on folding pages, stapling etc and handy tips.

“Anyone can make a zine: age, gender or the lack of writing or drawing skills won’t limit a self-publisher. Make zines you would like to read your self, not the ones you imagine other people want to read”.

Saatavilla myös suomeksi! (also available in Finnish)

I AM NOT THE RAIN – Navigating life as survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

A5, 48 pages, weight: 90g, £2 (2.40 €)

This zine combines the experiences of two survivors  told through personal stories, images and poetry. May be triggering for some readers.

An on-line PDF copy can be found here:

JOHNNY, ARE YOU QUEER? (please say “yes”)  out of stock 😦

A5, 10 pages, weight 25g, £2 (2.40 €)

“A brief meditation on the steamy dynamics churning beneath the surface of The Wild One, one of the most deliciously homoerotic epics of all time, intentionally or not”.

Check out also: pinkmince.com

PATHOLIGIZE THIS! – a mental health zine

A5, #1: 27 pages, weight: 45g, #2: 42 pages, weight: 75g, £2 (2.40 €)

“This zine is a compilation of work on people’s experiences with, and resistance to, mental health problems and stigmas”.

On-line PDF copies of the zines can be found here:


14 x 21,5 cm (5,5 x 8,5 inch), 64 pages, weight: 90g, £2,50 (3 €)

A zine about supporting people who have been sexually abused, put together by Cindy Crabb (Doris Zine). Topics in the zine include: defining consent, boundaries, triggers, power dynamics, recovering from trauma, confronting rapists and much more. An important read for everyone!

VIVA VOCE – Some Thoughts On Women’s Health + Sexuality out of stock 😦

A5, 92 pages, weight 130g, £2 (2.40 €)

“We don’t think there is enough sharing of experiences by women  + challenging this silence is part of our political struggle. This zine is partly about us trying to reclaim + add to the tradition of women passing on in formation about their health, sexuality + lives”.

For an on-line PFD go to:

WITCHES, MIDWIVES AND NURSES – A history of women healers out

of stock 😦

A6, 56 pages, weight: 45g, £1 (1.20 €)

This pamphlet written by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English looks at the role of women in the history of medicine from the middle ages to contemporary times.

To read the text online, visit:


A5, 44 pages, weight: 65g, £1 (1.20 €)

Fighting back – not taking shit – being heard – supporting each other.

A zine sharing self-defence advice and a variety of personal stories from physical self defence, to domestic violence, using your voice and lots more.