5 How to order


1. When you know what you’d like, email me a list at piratadistro (at) gmail.com. Please be specific and mention what issue of a zine, if there’s several, what patch and colour combination etc. Princesa Pirata is a small distro, so I don’t have many copies of each item.

Also let me know what payment method you’d prefer and mention how you would like the items to be posted (first class, second class, air mail, surface mail) and to what address.

Payment methods accepted: well concealed cash (in euros, if sending coins tape them down well), Finnish or GB bank transfer or paypal.

2. I’ll get back to you and let you know if I have everything on your list. I’ll also tell you the payment details needed and how much the postage will be. If you can afford it, it would help me a lot in covering envelope etc costs if you could round up the postage (ie. £ 1.46 -> £ 2).

3. I will post your order as soon as I’ve received the payment.

4. That’s it! Thank you for your order. And if you have any questions, just email me at piratadistro (at) gmail.com